Level 1 - Foundation of Robotics | Age 7-9

The ‘Foundation of Robotics ’ is an introductory online robotics and coding program for kids age 7-9. This program focuses on the fundamentals of robotics and coding where they will start learning from circuits, sensors, drag and drop based coding all the way to a fully functional robot.

What's included

Students get all the components to build and code the robot including sensors, UNO board, batteries, motors, wheels and more.. Get the FREE course preview to get insights into the course curriculum.

List of components included

Students will make an obstacle avoiding robot using the level 1 AEBO Robotic Kit.

  • AEBO mainframe x 1

  • Uno development board with stackable pins (the brain of the robot) x 1

  • DC geared motor x 2

  • Wheels x 2 (colour may differ)

  • ABG IR Sensors x 2

  • 18650 battery x 2

  • 18650 battery charger x 1

  • and all the other tools and parts required to build the robot